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Crafting powerful film and animation

Corporate film that engages, enraptures and informs

Everything starts with a story

It’s stories that spark our curiosity. They shape our beliefs, captivate us, and focus us for action. And, of course, they’re at the heart of all great films that aim to inspire viewers, embed strategy, guide behaviour or build belief. So our starting point is always to identify the story at the heart of your objective, and build from there.

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be a 3D motion-design artist. We have previously unimaginable power at our fingertips to bring complex ideas to life in new ways.

Nik Bowler

Animation Director

Photo of Nik Bowler

Craft is key

In a world where ‘everyone’s a film-maker’, how do you make sure your films build recognition and advocacy and avoid looking the same as everything else While story is the foundation, it’s the way that story is crafted that determines how memorable and effective a film will be for your audiences. We take pride crafting the smallest detail, engineering every frame and moment to illicit emotion. We embrace the layering of message, structure and sound to tell stories that will engage, enrapture and inform.

Film has incredible potential to capture a business’ most precious moments, priorities and stories. We’re here to help them steer through often complex terrain and deliver films with real cut-through.

Gaye Bennett

Executive Producer

Photo of Gaye Bennett

The power to move

Nothing can move people like film. We identify the emotion we need to elicit – whether it be shock, laughter, outrage, runaway excitement or something more subtle like confidence, pride or amusement – and work around it. By harnessing the power of emotion we create film with real and measurable impact.

From filming in the foothills of Everest to creating a 3D VR experience, we thrive on a challenge.

Tom Smith


Photo of Tom Smith

Inspired by insight

The very best creative is inspired by having clear insight into your audiences and what will move them to make the change you’re after. The world is an increasingly complex place, with new issues emerging and evolving at lightening speed. Our film-makers work hand-in-hand with thinkers and creatives from across our business to make sure our films and animations help clients deal with these issues sensitively and impactfully – and result in work that really works.