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We created belief …

…in HSBC through films that demystify finance

Enhancing reputation

In the age of NFTS and blockchain, modern finance can be more than a little confusing. HSBC needed to find new, compelling ways to showcase exciting and transformational - but complex - transaction types and enhance its reputation among its key audience: bankers. Building understanding of how these new approaches were uniquely tailored to evolving customer needs was critical.

Breaking through complexity

We crafted a series of short, animated films to bring the power of the new transaction types to life using easy to understand ideas and language. The #TransformingTrade series used 2D animation and a clean, modern graphic style that was entirely ownable by HSBC and brought consistency across the collection. 

Message received

Firmly establishing HSBC among bankers as the ‘go to’ source of expertise on likes of Bitcoin and Blockchain, the films played a crucial role in maintaining HSBC’s broader reputation as a leader in the evolving needs of customers in finance.