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Building authentic brands

Embody your organisation’s purpose and values

A brand is more than a logo, typeface or tone of voice. While these are important for any identity, we define brands that accurately reflect our clients’ vision and ambition. Done well, your brand becomes one of the most powerful tools in your organisation’s arsenal. It motivates employees, exhilarates shareholders and inspires customers.

The trick is in drilling down to heart of what a business is to help it tell its story in a more connected, distinctive and impactful way.

Anna Bucher


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The cornerstone of your story

Whatever the business or industry, there’s always an interesting story to tell. The challenge is rarely establishing what the story is, but more in how we tell it. A well-defined brand platform and robust strategy amplifies your ability to engage with all audiences. From there, we can help you tell a story in ways that push creative boundaries and work across multiple communication channels. Online or offline, broadcast or targeted, consistency is key to getting noticed – and being remembered.

Your brand can act as a catalyst for your organisation to reach its aims, but to do this it needs to be bold in telling the world who you are and where you’re going.

Erica Wong


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Inspiration grounded in evidence

The world no longer expects good corporate citizens: it demands them. Any organisation’s purpose and values should be intrinsically tied to ESG policies – making sure these live through brand experience is a regular challenge we face with our clients. We create visual languages for brands that sidestep clichés and build a picture of business as a critical driver of the sustainability agenda.

Brands need to be relatable. Because relevance is grounded in truth, we work closely with clients to craft distinctive brand identities that reflect who they really are.

Gary Yendole

Design Director

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