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We created belief...

in a new crop protection brand that balances both functional and human benefits for rice growers.

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An ongoing relationship with Syngenta Crop Protection

We’ve been working with the Syngenta Crop Protection team over a number of years to help develop new product brands and support the global marketing team with dynamic launch kits.

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A simple, bold graphic system

Already a leader in the rice market, Syngenta was launching a powerful new crop protection product with fast-acting results. Following some extensive user-testing of the new product, the instant visible impact on rice hoppers (the scourge of the Asian rice market) was extremely reassuring to its target audience. This inspired us to develop a simple, bold graphic system that shows the functional benefits of the product having an immediate ‘human’ benefit for the grower. The logo (two entwined v’s, creating a helix) further represents this combination of benefits.

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A successful launch across Asia

Alongside the launch kit, we have developed a series of social assets and a launch film so that Vestoria could be launched successfully across Asia. Early results are positive with a strong interest in the new brand. Our collaboration with Syngenta continues to develop this year with new brand and film projects coming on line with the corporate team, as well as the Crop Protection and Seeds teams.

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