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We created belief …

through an inventive new name and brand for a drug safety leader

Fit for purpose

DSS, a world-renowned name in pharmacovigilance and drug safety solutions partner to some of the world's largest life science and drug companies, needed a rebrand. This would be more than a routine change: an acquisition presented an opportunity to build a brand that better represented the emerging future of the business.

People-led leadership

A name doesn’t create a brand: it reflects what a business is and represents. We dug into DSS’ mission and culture, and acquainted ourselves with a complex, nuanced sector. One thing struck us above all: while the company offers cutting-edge tech, it’s the unique way its people collaborate that drives innovation and keeps clients coming back. This informed a bold creative approach that focused on how the company’s diverse expertise constantly balances complex science with a deeply human approach.

Qinecsa booklet sitting on a yellow background, the page reads 'Advancing drug safety to the next level'
A photograph of a person looking at a screen, sitting in a frame shaped in the letter D, surrounded by a blue, lined graphic design
Two phone screens with information about Qinecsa featured, on a green background
Inventive people, inventive name

We arrived at a new name: Qinecsa, an inventive compound of connections and safety. From there we crafted a flexible visual language built on contrasting shapes, abstract 3D illustrations and photography of real people to reflect the company’s agility, diversity, and collaborative nature. The whole package – including a new website – has been loved and admired by president, leadership team and investors alike.

Two rows of Qinecsa booklets sitting on a purple background