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We created belief...

…among growers that Plinazolin provides a new sustainable standard in pest control

A man standing on the field with Plinazoline's slogan 360 innovation - Inspired by you
More and more sustainably

With growing demand and ever more stringent expectations from consumers, farmers today are under pressure to produce more, in more sustainable ways. However, essential crops are under increasing threat from pests with growing resistance to existing controlling methods.
Syngenta had a technology that answered this need – but were missing a product brand that would reassure growers looking for reliable solutions to a broad range of pressing challenges.

Plinazolin's collage with a woman harvesting flowers, icon and slogan about the campaign
Tapping into growers’ insight

What growers needed was evidence – evidence that Syngenta’s technology, PLINAZOLIN®, delivers. We built the PLINAZOLIN® brand on what made evidence of its efficacy unassailable: that it had been developed in close collaboration with growers themselves. We created a core idea, ‘360 Innovation – Inspired by You’, to bring to life how growers’ close involvement in development meant PLINAZOLIN® helped with all their needs: dealing with a range of harmful pests, flexible application timings, and longer intervals between sprays.

Plinazolin's banner design with an emphasis on the text Superior
A man on a vegetable field with Plinazolin's slogan Fewer sprays greater quality
The example of Plinazolin icon set
The design of Plinazolin' social media post on a mobile device
The design of the Navigation page on Plinazolin website to connect with farmers
Global roll out coming soon

With a bold, no-nonsense language and visual system, ‘360 Innovation, Inspired by You’ creatively expresses the sheer breadth of Syngenta’s product and resonates powerfully with its audience. The brand has trialled brilliantly in an array of markets and will soon be rolling out in over forty countries.

Plinazolin's mock-up design on notebooks