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We created belief…

in ViiV’s fight against HIV and AIDS through a vibrant new identity

Viiv Main Banner
Single-minded focus

ViiV Healthcare is the only pharmaceutical company dedicated to fighting HIV and AIDS. For over 30 years its products and treatments have focused on helping patients live with, and survive, HIV. But with the end of HIV in sight, a real need emerged to show how ViiV was as dedicated as ever to completing its objective. The company needed a brand to deliver its story with conviction, clarity and impact – and build increased connection with all audiences.

the name of the font being used which is Breakthough on a split background of navy and white colour
two men hugging each others
Powering breakthroughs

We created a core creative concept – ‘breakthrough’ - that talked to the huge potential and impact of the work ViiV does. Blending everyday, human outcomes with epic achievements, it captured the important moments and milestones in ViiV’s HIV/AIDS journey – and offered a powerful foundation for language and messaging that would filter through every touchpoint in both the physical and digital worlds.

the design system of ViiV with logo, colour, icon and font
the demo of using the Breakthrough font on a line of text
the use of the font Breakthrough on the text ABC
The iconography of a smiling person
the community guide cover page mock-up with pictures of people and icon
The display of the Buying Tickets page for the British HIV Association annual reference on a mobile
the mock-up design on a tote bag
the brand guidelines of the campaign with icon, colour and font
Global recognition

ViiV has received widespread acclaim from the HIV community (and globally) for the company’s vibrant, collaborative tone – a tone set by the new visual identity. Such has been the success of the brand, we’re now helping to roll it out through ViiV’s ‘Positive Action’ community programme.