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We created belief …

by extending the warmth of Eversheds Sutherland’s brand to a digital landscape.

A digital law firm of the future

Eversheds Sutherland, one of the world’s largest global law firms, aimed to evolve in the digital age by launching a website that showcases its services, promotes lawyer profiles, functions as a corporate site, and ultimately generates leads. The goal was to use the website as a platform to transform it into a digital law firm, enhancing visibility in their sectors and ensuring future growth by effectively utilising online platforms. It’s essential that Eversheds Sutherland make the most of the digital world; together we needed to create a digital law firm for the future. 

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A client-focused approach to online

We developed a concept we named the "digital handshake" to mirror Eversheds Sutherland's in-person warmth and client-focused approach online. By integrating a welcoming design, a number of micro interactions, a wide and vibrant colour palette, a sticky navigation, and user-friendly search features emphasising the phrase "How can we help you today?", the website aims to quickly direct visitors to relevant information or contacts. This effort, in collaboration with their internal brand team, makes the site stand out as fresh, welcoming, and reflective of their diverse expertise in contrast to several firms working in legal services which are cold. 

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Working in partnership

The crux of this partnership was that together we were able to successfully extend Eversheds Sutherland’s brand to a digital landscape, giving it the opportunity to capitalise on what a digital world could offer. Working in partnership with a separate technical firm delivering the back-end of the website, it was also an example of our ability to be flexible in our delivery of digital projects enabling us to offer our expertise in UX and UI design and strategy, as well as front-end development, compounding our pedigree in this space. 

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