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through a digital experience that reflected a bold new era

A bold new direction

A much-publicised demerger for GSK saw the pharma giant refocus its ambitions on leading in R&D and technology. In advance, GSK challenged RY to reinvigorate its corporate website to reflect this bold new direction. The process wouldn’t be straightforward: the website needed to be developed at speed through a process that would consult 150 internal stakeholders along the way.

The design of the arrow and the bracket symbol on GSK website
Fluid experiences, captivated audiences

Persona, SEO and analytics data painted a rich picture of the journeys GSK users took through the existing site. This enabled us to profile audience groups and develop a responsive site architecture that would highlight the content that matters most. From there we designed a new, category-defining website that delivers fluid, dynamic experiences for all users. Living, breathing design and Netflix-style content bring palpable energy to every user experience, echoing GSK’s progressive, forward-looking nature.

The design of different content sections on the GSK website
A category-defining website

The website received overwhelmingly positive feedback since launch, including recognition from the Digital Impact Awards and two Gold wins for Best Corporate Website at the Corporate & Financial and IR Society Awards. 


The site sits at the heart of GSK’s corporate communications and reflects the organisation’s renewed strategy, culture, and powerful purpose. The establishment of a formalised design system has also empowered us to roll out the site’s digital experience across GSK’s local sites, digital products and internal channels.

new design system for GSK website with colour and icon set