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We created belief...

in a climate-resilient, net-zero future for the planet at COP26

Motivating collective progress on climate

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) had a big objective: to engage governments, stakeholders and the global public at COP26 and make it one of the most collaborative and productive events of its kind. It hoped that, by immersing experts in a focused, realistic vision for a future that works, it could stimulate collective progress and action.

Vision(s) for the future

We joined a consortium of expert partners that engaged academics, business and citizens from across the world to develop a series of aspirational, evidence-based ‘visions’ for a climate-resilient, net-zero future. From there, we crafted two films that brought to life the potential futures promised by each of these visions. Played at a range of plenary sessions and to an online audience at home, the films encouraged a broad range of COP26 delegates – scientists, politicians, business leaders – to consider solutions that could help make the visions a reality.

Deloitte Showcase Film
An inclusive, positive and progressive COP

The programme furthered BEIS’ negotiating position and provided a framework for a focused discussion about the future. Successfully overcoming the challenge of visualising futures that don’t yet exist, the films played their part in a programme that helped set the tone for an inclusive, progressive COP and inspired decision-makers into action.