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We created belief...

in GSK’s tech credentials through cutting-edge 3D animation

Incredible tech, difficult comms

Advanced technology and innovation are GSK’s top priorities, and a vital proof point for every audience. But while the pharma giant’s use of AI was doubling the success rate of drug discovery, this was a notoriously difficult area to communicate well. The science and technology was complex, and audiences had diverse and niche interests.

GSK Tech Film
Using tech to tell a tech story

It was crucial all GSK’s audiences – employees, investors, scientists and AI specialists – got the message. Only film had the power to communicate such complex ideas with impact. We created a sophisticated 3D animated world featuring a ‘particle system’ to guide viewers seamlessly between real-life moments and more technical messages. This made a complex story about data and technology relevant, simple and human.

Film that breaks through

A finalist at the New York Film & TV festivals, the film went on to play a key role in GSK’s communications. It featured at the heart of GSK’s London Tech Week social campaign for example, and widely on to showcase the company’s science pipeline to all audiences. Such was the film’s craft and impact, a still from it was used as the front cover for GSK’s annual report and on the investor section of its website.