Return to work

We created belief...

by challenging society to think differently about disability

Talent left behind

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) came to us for help with an important issue: encouraging more employers to recruit people with disabilities. Insight showed that over one billion people are being routinely ignored by business because they have a disability – a talent pool the size of the US, Brazil, Indonesia and Pakistan combined.

Confronting beliefs

What unites both those with and without disability? Talent. And what prevents that talent progressing in the world of work? Misconceptions about what people with disabilities can and can’t do. We developed a campaign film that, featuring individuals who defy these ‘invalid opinions’, asked the viewer to confront any personal misconceptions that could be inadvertently contributing to people with disabilities being held back at work. Our film was supported by a comprehensive amplification pack that empowered business leaders, D&I professionals and communicators to share the message virally.

Big reach without media money

We launched the ILO’s Global Conference in Geneva. Since then, the work has achieved more than one million impressions – without a single penny spent on media. The film has been supported by NGOs, ILO member businesses and Hollywood stars, but the greatest evidence of its success will come when we see more people with disabilities entering and progressing in the world of work.