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We created belief…

by embedding 'The Big Recycling Hunt’ across communities

Mobilising communities through strategic partnerships

In 2023, Recycle Week took a transformative leap with the introduction of 'The Big
Recycling Hunt', a pioneering initiative designed to weave the importance of recycling into the fabric of communities nationwide. Departing from traditional
campaign tactics, this initiative focused on creating deep, actionable engagement
through strategic partnerships with Local Authorities and brands, as well as an innovative educational intervention. 

The power of educational engagement

In collaboration with EVERFI, 'The Big Recycling Hunt' was brought into over 30,000 schools, but with a twist. Beyond traditional learning, the campaign engaged children through a series of interactive and fun activities, including homework assignments, theatre plays, and educational games, all centred around identifying and properly disposing of commonly missed recyclable items. This innovative approach   did   more   than   educate; it transformed children into enthusiastic advocates for recycling within their families, bridging the gap between classroom lessons and real-world environmental action.

Cultivating belief through unified communications

The campaign's innovative approach to citizen engagement served as the linchpin for its success. By focusing on engaging children as catalysts for change, 'The Big Recycling Hunt'  effectively reached their parents — audiences typically hard to engage due to time constraints — indirectly. This inclusive strategy was amplified further through the active dissemination of campaign materials by local authorities and brand partners across their channels, ensuring that the message resonated with and inspired action among a wide spectrum of the population, not limited to parents alone.