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binning a big problem

The mock-up of banner at a bus stop with a hand putting wipes in the bin
A hidden problem

Wipes made from plastic don’t break down in water like toilet paper. And because our toilets and sewers aren’t built for them, flushed wipes end up causing big problems in homes, communities and the environment. This was a big problem in the north east where wipes were causing 60% of sewer blockages. Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) brought us in to help solve the problem.

A poster of a flooded toilet with wipes illustrates that wipes would clog pipes
A poster with many fishes were choked because of wipes in the river
A poster with broken road and a traffic light to warn that wipe would block the road
Understanding customer behaviour

We discovered that trying to stop people using wipes would be pointless - they’re just too convenient. Instead, we’d need to focus on getting people to understand just one thing: the bin is the only place for a used wipe. ‘Bin the Wipe’ was born: a simple, engaging and unmissable directive that would only ever be accompanied by punchy, memorable reasons why wipes should never be flushed. Wipes block pipes. Wipes flood homes. Wipes choke rivers.

BTW Car Mockup
A problem, flushed

Taking inspiration from wartime public-message adverts, we applied a strong, colourful illustration style to our messaging. The campaign stretched across all NWG’s digital and physical channels and was a massive success, reaching more than 35 million customers. Most importantly, the campaign drove a 50% reduction in flushed wipes across the region.  

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