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by sharing Microsoft’s unique vantage point on cybersecurity.

A unique vantage point

Microsoft are undeniably an incredible source of digital intelligence, serving billions of customers globally, allowing them to aggregate data from a diverse spectrum of companies, organizations, and consumers. Informed by over 65 trillion security signals daily (over 750 million per second) Microsoft generates a high-fidelity picture of the current state of cybersecurity, helping to predict what attackers will do next and stay ahead of threats. Our challenge was to distill this extraordinary level of expertise and insight, into a report that provides a comprehensive yet digestible view of the cybersecurity landscape.

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The power of partnerships

We worked with the team at Microsoft to create a highly detailed report carefully balanced with key highlights, drawn from Microsoft’s commitment to making the world a safer place, through investment in security research, innovation, and the global security community. A key theme of this fourth annual iteration of the report, is the ‘power of partnerships’. We emphasised this by including easily accessible shared learnings, actionable steps and valuable insights throughout. 

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Actionable steps and valuable insights

This depth of information was brought to life through design, using a fresh take on Microsoft’s universally-known brand. The report is thoughtfully-paced, with key data visualised graphically. To emphasise key takeaways and ensure the report is digestible to a more generalist audience, we developed a landing page focusing on the main highlights, as well as a condensed summary version of the report.

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