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We created belief …

…in Marel by bringing its story to life for employees through 3D animation

Marel 3D 01
A pressing need

Marel is a global leader in food processing solutions and leads the way in the sustainable production of high-quality, safe and affordable food. It had a pressing need, however: to build its reputation as a forward-thinking, innovative and inspiring employer among its global internal audience. 

Marel 3D 03
Marel 3D 04
Marel 3D 05
From farm to fork

Our answer: an engaging film that dramatised Marel’s story, ‘farm to fork’. Capturing the wide scope of the brand’s products, the film used storytelling techniques to take viewers on a journey through Marel’s world. Richly detailed 2D and 3D animation used layers to illustrate the innovative areas in which the company excels: helping food processors gain a competitive edge sustainably, and making the most of cutting-edge technology such as digitisation, automation and robotics.

Marel 3D 02
A one-minute epic

Offering a clear picture of the whole structure of the organisation as well as its impacts, the film visualised the most complex aspects of Marel’s products and processes in a compelling, charming way. The film received a brilliant reception and high levels of engagement from Marel employees worldwide. ‘It’s hard to encapsulate Marel in one minute,’ said the client. ‘But you managed it.’