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We created belief...

in VF through credible materiality, underpinning compelling communication

The cover page of VF sustainability and responsibility report 2018
Meeting stakeholder needs

In an increasingly complex world, it’s not always clear what sustainability leadership looks like, or even who the leaders are. It was in this context that VF needed reporting that would build belief in its commitment to sustainability among a diverse and demanding set of global stakeholders.

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A reshaped experience

A robust materiality assessment saw us identify 850 environmental, social and governance topics and engage over 150 internal and external stakeholders to prioritise themes based on three factors: their relative importance to stakeholders; the actual or potential impact on VF’s operations; and VF’s ability to influence change. This process played its part as we produced a technical report that met GRI Standards. Critically however, we also used the findings to shape an enhanced online experience that brought the most important themes for VF’s diverse audiences to life.

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Powering change

The insights generated through our materiality assessment empowered us to create a distinctive, unified and compelling sustainability story for VF, building confidence and credibility in both the business and brand. By meaningfully connecting VF with its stakeholders on the topics that matter most, the report is playing its part in powering change.

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