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Four ways film can help you communicate during a lockdown

Film can help create connections when audiences are miles, not metres, apart.

Here’s how


Maintaining relevance in a downturn: we’re curating a new conversation.

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INSIDE/OUT: Part two

How have our relationships with media changed since the start of lockdown? What are the opportunities and risks for marketers as a result of these changes?

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INSIDE/OUT: Part three

The future of business hinges on a resurgence of brand purpose. How can businesses better use their purpose to guide not just words, but action?

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INSIDE/OUT: Part four

Research shows that fear still remains central to the public mood. So how do marketers communicate through this environment of fear?

Read chapter four to find out more. 

Leading through a crisis

How should leaders adapt their communications as the crisis – and their business’ responses – evolves?

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(Working from) home truths

Five home truths about the future of work that have been revealed since lockdown began, and how we can 'build back better'.

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A COVID-19 Fast Forward

How should the pandemic reshape the content, messaging and presentation of your next annual report?

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Investor engagement and COVID-19: what you need to know, now

There’s a wealth of new guidance and requirements out there. But it’s a lot to wade through. 

Here it is, summarised, all in one place

Collaboration from a (social) distance

Stew Deane discusses how new ways of collaborating in the lockdown have delivered creative opportunities.

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The pandemic, Brits…and a knead to bake bread

Our research team saw a flurry of loaves on Instagram and recipes in the papers. Then came news of yeast shortages. They had to find out what was going on.

Here’s what the data told them

Finding the calm in the storm

What happens when you find yourself in lockdown, searching for positives? Toby Donaldson sees an opportunity to revisit unfinished business.

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Mental Health Awareness Week, kindness and the lockdown

We spoke to our mental health first aiders have learnt over the past two months.

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