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What COVID-19 means for investor comms and reporting

Spooked investors and shortened horizons: what to do next

07 April 2020

COVID 19 For Investor Comms

The FTSE100 recorded its worst quarter since 1987 as COVID-19 spooked investors and markets nosedived. As markets have rushed to get to grips with the immediate implications of the crisis, time horizons for investors have shortened dramatically. Regulators and professional associations have joined forces to coordinate a response and offer new guidance for reporters. But what does it all mean? How can companies reassure stakeholders in these most unprecedented times?


We’ve been through the guidance with a fine-tooth comb and taken an in-depth look at changing corporate and investor priorities and pulled it altogether in one short guide.  


Download it now for:


  • A quickfire overview on evolving investor priorities
  • The latest short and long-term implications for narrative reporting and investor communications
  • Practical considerations for your next report
  • They key things you need to know about the latest FRC requirements
  • What to consider over the next few months...and beyond 

Download it here