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Leadership and resilience in a crisis

A guide to employee communications in a crisis

27 April 2020


More than ever, employees need to feel a specific range of emotions about their employer and the future: trust, compassion, stability and hope.


Instilling these throughout a workforce isn’t easy right now. Of course, workforces are much more fragmented and remote than they were before, but there’s something else too. The rapidly changing commercial, social and emotional backdrop means leaders need to shift how they express themselves today – and over the coming weeks and months – to fit with an evolving crisis cycle.


Regardless of where you find yourself in the crisis cycle, how can leaders build the environment and connections that will be vital to surviving – and thriving?

Read this bitesize guide for:


  • An overview of the different phases of a crisis: and what comms in each needs to deliver
  • Ideas on how (and when) to build Gallup’s four ‘needs’: trust, compassion, stability and hope
  • How to keep comms optimistic yet authentic – and lean on your values to bring stability
  • Tactics and tools to increase long-term engagement 


Download the guide here