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in Bewley’s with a compelling, progressive sustainability strategy

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Standing up to consumer scrutiny

As one of the UK and Ireland’s largest coffee roasters, Bewley’s has a unique heritage in sustainability, with Quaker values at the core of its ethos. But while it has an emotive and authentic story, today’s consumers are increasingly scrupulous and ethically-oriented: stories and long-standing values are no longer enough. Bewley’s needed to unite its various disjointed initiatives by creating a compelling sustainability strategy, underpinned by a rigorous materiality assessment, that would stand up to scrutiny and engage discerning stakeholders.

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Zooming in on impact

Using our robust prioritisation criteria, tailored to Bewley’s business double materiality assessment, involved surveying and interviewing stakeholders from across the business to identify and assess current and potential impacts, both outwards (Bewley’s impact on the world around it) and inwards (the impact of environmental, social and economic issues on Bewley's business. Traceability and energy use were widely recognised as significantly impactful topics across both dimensions.  

Compelling, authentic strategy

The materiality outcomes informed our development of an engaging and progressive strategic framework for Bewley's that aligns with its business strategy. Named ‘Stirring Progress’, the framework articulates the key pillars of change required to drive sustainability at Bewley’s and its wider value chain – from empowering farming communities through to inspiring new consumption habits and driving operational innovations. Representing Bewley's energy and ambition, the framework, as well as its associated commitments and suggested targets and KPIs, also provide a springboard to engage, educate and inspire stakeholders to propel Bewley’s progress towards its ambitious goals.