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Extra Shots Perspectives Podcast: COPtimism or COP-out?

09 November 2022


Our podcast series for marketers and communicators explores trends across society, culture and business


Today we launch episode two of our podcast series: Extra Shots Perspectives. The series aims to bring marketers and communicators little doses - shots, you might say - of inspiration and insight on the biggest themes and ideas. 


While our launch episode explored the ins and outs of the metaverse, episode two reflects on one of the most hotly discussed events of this (or any) year: COP27. What are the controversies and tensions shaping our perceptions of it? 


Sustainability Strategy Director and conference veteran Nita P. Woods sat down with host Daniel Jackson to explore: 


  • Why do we have COP every year and what has it achieved (and not achieved) in the past? 
  • Where are the negative feelings towards this year’s meeting coming from?
  • What themes and outcomes are expected?
  • What can business leaders learn from the deals and discussions being made?


Check out this episode over on Spotify - and don’t forget to follow us and keep up-to-date with future episodes. 


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