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Demystifying D&I

Ten principles on how to be more inclusive by design

10 January 2020

Demystifying D&I

Goodbye clichés, hello inclusive design: how to better visualise D&I


Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is about far more than just good intentions. Done well, it can boost loyalty and drive reputation. Attract talent. Foster innovation. Inspire. Persuade. Increase the bottom line.


But there’s a problem: rapidly increasing complexity.


Communicators, employee engagement leaders, designers and reporters have to navigate a web of issues, nuances and causes. At a time when a simple misstep can crush a reputation or crash a share price, the pressure is on to keep up with an ever-shifting landscape.


Our research has revealed a big side-effect of all this complexity. While 85 per cent of the Forbes 100 Most Valuable Brands are actively communicating their D&I efforts, 45 per cent of them are falling back on D&I clichés along the way.


These clichés – think taglines, ‘diversitrees’, rainbow colours and forced stock photography – risk alienating the audiences that matter most and passing up a valuable opportunity. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With the help of D&I experts and raft of academic studies, we’ve drawn together the latest thinking and exclusive new guidance on better D&I design and communications.


Download it to:

  • Read up on winning D&I campaigns
  • Get clued up on the clichés to avoid
  • Find out what a ‘self-fulfilling faux pas’ is
  • Benefit from ten clear D&I design principles
  • Explore concepts for your next D&I campaign

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Demystifying D&I

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