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An immersive AR experience for GSK

Bringing science imagery to life through a unique proof of concept

Working with GSK to explore new inspiring ways for audiences to engage with content, we recently developed an Augmented Reality (AR) prototype, which takes the science imagery we created and transforms it into an immersive experience. 


The experience is available on any browser – making it accessible to anyone with a smartphone or tablet. It prompts the user to explore and interact with the science imagery – a 3D HIV virus – with opportunities to learn more about the virus and also what GSK and ViiV Healthcare, GSK’s specialist HIV company, are doing to minimise the impact of HIV on people’s lives.


The prototype was successful in demonstrating to GSK’s internal audience how AR can be used to provide richer storytelling and used in different ways – from employee engagement to external campaigns to events, in line with GSK’s reputation as a technology leader.


Learn more about GSK science imagery here.