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SGS was a sophisticated reporter that had embraced integrated reporting and a total impact methodology that quantified its value to society. It had a wider problem, however: as the world’s leading testing, inspecting and certification company, SGS influences every aspect of our lives – but this story of scale and impact simply wasn’t cutting through.

A simple, purpose-led story

One of SGS’ big strengths had become a reporting weakness: the diversity of its business left readers struggling to find relevant information. We crafted a dramatically simplified core story that, leaning heavily on SGS’ purpose, emphasised its place at the heart of an interconnected world. From this foundation we crafted an extended narrative, told through a consistent structure, that drove readers deeper into the company’s story. A refreshed approach to design brought further harmony, helping us add new layers of information without sacrificing user-friendliness.

SGS's commitment to build a better, safe and more interconnected world in the report
A page in SGS's integrated report illustrates 125 locations that SGS operates in
A man is using SGS' industrial machinery
SGS 04
Deeper understanding

SGS’ reporting today is a concise, easy to navigate suite of content, including film, brought together through a seamless online experience that offers readers clear routes to the information they need. Most importantly, the new approach to storytelling differentiated SGS in the market and built deeper connections with audiences through a better understanding of its real-life impacts.

SGS 2021 Full Year Highlights