SGS is a sophisticated reporter that has embraced integrated reporting and a total impact methodology that quantifies its value to society. However, it didn’t feel its message was ‘cutting through’ to reflect its influence over every aspect of our lives as the world’s leading testing, inspecting and certification company. The diversity and sheer breadth of its business presented a challenge, and it was hard to find information within its reporting suite.


We emphasised SGS’ place at the heart of interconnected world with top line messaging and a design that worked in harmony. We wanted SGS to reclaim its purpose. Our approach enabled us to layer up a complex story that builds as you turn the pages.


The result is a clear, concise suite of documents with the purpose running throughout. They are aligned with the earnings announcement material to present a clear message that stands out from its competitors. The online experience brings the publications together and offers a holistic view of the year with the integration of film for the quick summary.

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