Return to work

We created belief…

in Marel by uniting its people
behind a common goal

The design of Marel's banner campaign with a person tying shoelaces
Bringing people together

Marel are an Icelandic technology company, producing data led food processing machinery, operating in 32 countries, across 6 continents with 7,000 employees.


A business growing at pace in a difficult time (mid pandemic), Marel wanted to help its people unite behind a common goal, whilst encouraging people to focus on their mental and physical health. We developed a global movement challenge that all colleagues, in both field, factories and offices could partake whilst sharing stories across the globe.

The iconography of people running together
It’s all about endorphins

With a focus on raising endorphins and connections through movement, no matter how big or small, ‘Move the Globe’ became a rallying cry, which saw colleagues join forces to walk, run, swim, skate or cycle, to collectively (and figuratively!) travel 40,075km, resulting in $100k being raised for the International Red Cross.

‘Move the Globe’

The concept was key in uniting colleagues across continents, allowing us to visually track progress around a virtual globe, highlighting activity in each region as we hit key milestones. To ensure inclusivity, collateral was produced in 7 languages and imagery celebrated the diversity of colleagues in the business. Visually we pushed the brands internal VI using illustration, allowing user generated content to add the ‘human’ element.

Employees of Marel from different countries joined and recorded themselves doing the challenge
Achieving our goals

Goal 1 – Unite employees globally: 1/3 of all Marel employees took part in the challenge and all 32 countries participated, with over 500 videos and pictures shared across internal and external channels.
Goal 2 - Get employees moving and feeling good: 2,500 people collectively travelled 200,375km, equal to 5 x around the globe, averaging 80 miles per person, raising $100k for the International Red Cross.