Although everyone seems to be talking more about sustainability, a lot of it has remained ineffective and unconvincing. In our new report Words that Work: effective language in sustainability communications, a sequel to How to design sustainability that sells, we diagnose what is wrong with how sustainability is written, we explore the origins of the problem, and we provide practical principles for bettering sustainability writing. 

The report was informed by interviews with ten sustainability professionals from brands such as Unilever, Daimler, and Innocent, five interviews with academics in the field, and an in-depth quantitative analysis of Forbes 50 Most Valuable Brands’ sustainability communications. 

Download the report now to discover:

- Eight sustainability writing cliches - and which companies are the worst offenders

- Why reporters and communicators fall into these written sustainability traps

- Ten principles and practical tips for better sustainability writing

- Why we need to do better and the consequences of inaction

Download the report here

RY has a range of teams that specialise in sustainability reporting, corporate reporting and performance narratives, communications and content. We’re always on hand to have a chat about your any communications challenges you may be facing – if you’d like to talk, just drop us a line. 

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