Since early 2020, the world has faced challenges unlike anything we've seen in a generation. Entire industries have been disrupted, with once ambitious plans for a new year put on hold indefinitely as we braced ourselves for impending recession.

But, as challenging and bleak as the year has been, many inspiring people and corporations have provided hope. We've seen great examples of corporate innovation and social consciousness that have demonstrated the real value of business to humanity.

So we decided to look at the ongoing pandemic in a slightly different way - to cut through the ubiquitous ‘new normal' chatter. Each edition of INSIDE/OUT identifies challenges every business and marketer has faced – and will continue to face – since the pandemic hit. From reassessing the channel mix to evaluating purpose and the public mood, INSIDE/OUT offers bitesize thoughts on how marketers can navigate tricky issues and focus on recovery.

Part one: The job at hand

Maintaining relevance in a downturn: we’re curating a new conversation. 

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Part two: Going where your audiences are

How have our relationships with media changed since the start of lockdown? What are the opportunities and risks for marketers as a result of these changes?

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Part three: The fuel to act

The future of business hinges on a resurgence of brand purpose. How can businesses better use their purpose to guide not just words, but action?

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Part four: What we say and how we say it

Research shows that fear still remains central to the public mood. So how do marketers communicate through this environment of fear?

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