Inclusive Writing: when words speak as loudly as actions

We have always been told that actions speak louder than words, but the words you choose can have just as much impact. 

Discover how Inclusive Writing can help improve your corporate comms, here. 

Driving D&I: The webinar

Watch the recording of our webinar 'Driving D&I: a webinar exploring diversity reporting with impact', here.

How thematic investors can help you shape your D&I reporting

When it comes to D&I, understanding what thematic investors are looking for can help cut through the confusion to shape your strategy and communicate it internally and externally.

Read Sean Bride's thoughts here.

Building accessible brands: the missing link of D&I

Accessibility is a hot topic - but too often it's an afterthought. If it's treated as a post-design translation for specific needs, then it isn't true accessibility.

Read Erica Wong's thoughts, as featured in The Drum.

From UN guidance to gendered grammar: how to dip your toe into inclusive writing

Rob Heads previously looked at how we can practice inclusive writing. Here, he starts to unpack some of the challenges brought by language - and some potential sources of help.

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Demystifying D&I

With the help of D&I experts and academic studies, we've drawn together the latest thinking and exclusive guidance on better D&I design and communications. 

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The gender pay gap is a narrative gap

Reportedly, the gender pay gap is widening. But what could be the reason?

Sharn Kleiss discusses.

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