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Extra Shots Perspectives Podcast: what’s next for the metaverse?

31 August 2022


Podcast: what’s next for the metaverse?

Our new podcast series for marketers and communicators explores trends across society, culture and business

Today we launch a new podcast series: Extra Shots Perspectives. The series aims to bring marketers and communicators little doses - shots, you might say - of inspiration and insight on the biggest themes and ideas. 

Episode one starts with the most talked-about of topics: the metaverse. Just what is it, and why are we so obsessed with it? 

Dan Marsh (Brand and Campaigns Director) and George Butler (Digital Experience Director) sat down with host Daniel Jackson to explore: 

  • Is it too early for businesses and brands to engage with the metaverse? 
  • What good examples of brands using it exist in practice 
  • What it will take for the metaverse to have its ‘moment’ - and break into the mainstream
  • Whether it will become integral to brand experiences - or a passing fad

Check out this episode over on Spotify - and don’t forget to follow us and keep up-to-date with future episodes. Looking for more bursts of inspiration? You can check out our Extra Shots videos right here on or over on Twitter. RY experts have taken on a range of topics including: the ‘words that work’ in sustainability communications; mastering 3D animationbuilding a learning culture in the workplaceembracing agile; and visualising D&I through inclusive design