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Extra Shots Perspectives podcast: What is sustainability employee engagement?

Episode three of our regular podcast looks at sustainability as an inside job – exploring what it means to have a workforce that not only buys into, but also helps progress their company’s sustainability goals.

04 May 2023


Most organisations today are seeking productive ways to embed sustainability across their business. While many focus on communicating progress with the outside world, driving meaningful change also depends on their internal approach. How can employee engagement professionals implement strategies that will not only improve the way employees feel about sustainability goals, but help them to understand and operationalise them, too?


In episode three of Extra Shots Perspectives – the podcast exploring trends across society, culture and business – Sustainability Strategist Isabel Shipley and Senior Employee Experience Strategist Jacob Guberg offer definitions of sustainability engagement and discuss ways to help employees embrace opportunities to contribute towards embedding sustainability within the company.


Joining host Daniel Jackson, Isabel and Jacob explore:

  • What is meant by the term ‘Sustainability employee engagement’ and why it’s important to businesses of all shapes and size.
  • How to keep employees personally engaged around corporate sustainability programmes and help them understand the broader meaning and context behind these efforts
  • Examples of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ sustainability engagement
  • Top tips for creating and executing a strategy


Check out this episode over on Spotify – where you can also listen to previous episodes, ‘What’s next for the metaverse?’ and ‘COPtimism or COPout?


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