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Bringing wonder to science

Bringing GSK’s innovation to life through hyper-real film/animation: watch our film on the cutting-edge development and impact of the scientific imagery project. 

Making scientific information accessible and engaging for all is notoriously challenging. Looking for a way to elevate the way it tells its science story and engage a diverse range of audiences, global biopharma company GSK came to RY. In response, we developed a series of animations and illustrations that would help GSK build its reputation for innovation and advanced technology in a modern, ownable and intriguing way.


Bringing together our brand , animation and 3D artists with GSK’s scientists, we created beautiful, ‘hyper real’ and anatomically accurate depictions of human molecules and cells at massive resolution.


Phillipa Proctor, Head of Brand Identity and Content Production at GSK sat down with our filmmakers to take a deep-dive into the cutting-edge development and impact of GSK’s Science Imagery – and the magic of our partnership.


GSK Science Images

Behind the creative process


Working hand in hand with scientists, we built and animated each element in 3D. Watch the process below.

process of creating GSK scientific imagery

Watch our Motion Design Director Nik Bowler reveal more about how the animations were made, discussing the techniques, materials and software used to recreate molecules and cells at massive resolution – with motion to build storytelling:

Nic Bowler talks about the innovations within the GSK imagery project

Click here to learn more about the project, or watch Nik's Extra Shots exploring five stages of the 3D animation process.


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