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RY wins a haul of behaviour change awards at Evcom Clarions

Film team bags four gongs for our work with WRAP and Water UK

RY team members and their clients in front of an Evcom Clarion Awards 2023 background, holding a round glass and wood trophy

RY has been recognised with four awards at the Evcom Clarion Awards - a programme which celebrates true excellence across cause-driven corporate film, live events and experiences. The awards call for the most creative and innovative content in this arena.


We received:


  • Gold in the Education & Training category for WRAP, Recycle Week 2022 – Let’s Get Real

  • Silver in Environment and Bronze in Education & Training for WRAP Cymru, Be Mighty Recycle – Food Waste

  • Silver in Innovation for Water UK, Bin the Wipe - Journey of the Wipe



Watch the winning work

Photo of MRF worker in front of a pile of recycling

WRAP’s Recycle Week is the UK’s largest national annual recycling campaign. Our theme for 2022 was ‘Let’s Get Real’: a strategy aimed squarely at challenging perceptions and myths around recycling alongside tackling contamination to improve recycling habits. We designed each campaign element to drive behaviour change and direct people to Recycle Now’s Recycling Locator. 


Central to the campaign was the (now multi award-winning) film, made in partnership with Biffa, which takes viewers on a whistlestop behind-the-scenes journey through a recycling facility. We swoop over dunes of plastics, weave through machinery, plunge down chutes – all while our guide explains the great work done at the plant, its impact, and the problems that occur when the wrong items wind up on their conveyor belts. It was filmed using eight cameras, a drone and go-pros - all helping us showcase the work done at this kind of facility in a way the public had never seen before.

Film Poster
Film Poster 2

Wales is currently the world’s third-best recycling nation, and the Welsh Government has set the ambitious target of reaching 70% recycling by 2025 and becoming a zero-waste nation by 2050. But research showed food waste recycling was declining. Working with WRAP, we uncovered the biggest blocker when it comes to recycling is the ‘yuck factor’: the sights and smells associated with food waste in the recycling caddy. 


In response, we crafted a campaign that dramatised the very real ‘power’ of food waste and shared simple hacks to overcome this uneasiness and challenged people to put their food waste in the kitchen caddy to generate more green energy for Welsh homes. Two films featured celebrity chef ambassador, Matt Pritchard. The first took place in Matt’s kitchen, outlining top tips for food waste recycling, and the second toured an Anaerobic Digestion plant to show how food waste is converted into green energy. 

Illustration of 3 bins

Water UK needed a campaign that exposed the harmful effects of flushing wet wipes and stopped people doing it. Our ‘Journey of the Wipe’ animation brings the story home – literally – with a vivid illustration of the impact that blockages can have. It highlighted the most direct and personal impact flushed wipes can have: a blocked sewer pipe in the home and a flooded bathroom. Moving away from the expected greens and blues of standard water communications, we cast imagery in urgent red and black alongside clear messages about avoiding the worst impacts.


Congratulations to everyone involved in these projects. Check out all of the nominations and winners here.