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RY’s latest ‘Be Mighty’ campaign for WRAP Cymru encourages more people to recycle their food waste

An egg shell sits on a red background with text reading 'Turn food waste into Welsh power. Be Mighty. Recycle it'

Radley Yeldar has worked with WRAP Cymru on its latest ‘Be Mighty’ campaign, designed to encourage Welsh citizens to overcome the two main barriers to food waste recycling: a lack of awareness about its benefits, and ‘the yuck factor’(or ‘Ych-a-fi’, if you’re Welsh).


Whilst almost all Welsh citizens recycle everyday items such as cardboard, bathroom toiletries, and plastic bottles, many are still not recycling all their food waste. In fact, around a quarter of what’s in the general rubbish bin is still food, all of which could be recycled.


Food waste is powerful – most food waste that’s recycled in Wales is sent to an anaerobic digestion facility, where it’s turned into green energy. Last year Welsh residents recycled enough to power more than 10,000 homes, but with around 100,000 tonnes of food waste still ending up in the general rubbish bin – enough to power an additional 7,500 homes – this climate change-fighting renewable energy is lost forever.


Bringing to light this hidden power of food waste recycling, the campaign challenges people to put their food waste in the kitchen caddy and not the bin to generate more green energy for Welsh homes. The call is backed by Celebrity chef, author and ultra-athlete Matt Pritchard (The Dirty Vegan), who stars in the launch film to share 5 handy tips to recycle your food waste like a pro:


  1. Use a caddy liner – Lining your kitchen caddy will keep your food waste contained, helping to reduce smells and spills, and preventing it from getting mucky.

  2. Avoid liquid items – Keep liquids such as milk, juice, or cooking oil out of your caddy to prevent ‘bin juice’ from collecting at the bottom.

  3. Empty your food waste caddy regularly – Empty the contents of your kitchen caddy into your outdoor food waste bin regularly, before it gets too full, to prevent smells and odours. Remember to tie caddy liners tightly before moving them from your caddy to your bin.

  4. Keep a lid on it – It may seem obvious but closing the lid of your kitchen caddy will stop flies getting in, and odours getting out.

  5. Keep your caddy clean – Clean your kitchen caddy every few weeks. Give it a rinse in the sink. For a more thorough clean, disinfect your caddy with leftover hot water from your kettle and some washing up liquid.


The campaign is now live across digital and social media, radio and local authority and influencer activity. It follows on from the ‘Be Mighty. Recycle’ campaign, launched in 2020 which has the ambition to help Wales become the world’s best recycling nation – find out more, here.


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