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Radley Yeldar and WBCSD launch Reporting matters 2019

See the 2019 report here

23 October 2019

WBCSD and Radley Yeldar launch Reporting matters.


The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is calling on regulators and standard setters to simplify and align the corporate reporting landscape in the seventh edition of Reporting matters – WBCSD’s annual review of member companies’ sustainability and integrated reports in partnership with Radley Yeldar.


Spanning 159 leading companies from 19 supersectors and 34 countries, this year’s research points to continued progress in corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting and disclosure as well as a continued movement towards digital reporting.


The current convergence of public pressure, government regulation and investor scrutiny has led to an explosion of information requests and reporting approaches to satisfy stakeholder needs. While this has made sustainability reporting an imperative for business, it has also created a significant burden for reporters.  


This year, Reporting matters presents the evolution in reporting that WBCSD and its members want to see in response to the increasing complexity of the reporting landscape, alongside external perspectives from leading regulatory and voluntary voices.


Download the report here.