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Measuring the client experience

Nicola Gunn 08 July 2022

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As we prepare, once again, to ask our clients how they rate their experience of working with us, we consider the main themes that have previously come up and wonder if they’ll change as we slowly emerge from the COVID pandemic.


We use an approach in line with the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to help us better understand how we can deliver a great customer experience to our clients. The feedback received is shared with all our teams across the business to help our development and also allow us to celebrate our success (something we believe is vital given the hard work and commitment everyone in the agency shows). This formal survey approach is on top of our regular account reviews and project wash-ups that come as an integral part of our proprietary six-stage process. We’re very proud that the last survey returned our highest ever score of 8.93/10, reflecting once again a year-on-year increase and continuing to build on the last six years.


At RY we’re always striving to build deeper, stronger and more meaningful partnerships with our clients, both the businesses and the individuals that work in them. To that end getting meaningful feedback on how we are doing is the only way we can keep improving.


“On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely is it that you would recommend Radley Yeldar?”. It’s such a simple question but when our clients respond with a score, we gain a wealth of valuable feedback that can help shape our services and make sure that we keep on our toes.


As a follow-up we also ask: “What are Radley Yeldar doing well and what could they improve on?” which enables clients to provide more qualitative feedback, allowing us to check and challenge our cross-agency client strategy, as well verifying or tweaking our individual client plans.


In terms of feedback, alongside calling out the strength of our overall customer service, our creativity, communication and governance approach are also positively often commented on. We know that these are vital components of our successful relationships – the latter never more so than as we’ve negotiated the past two years impacted by the global pandemic.


One area that is increasingly coming to the fore for our clients is a desire for greater knowledge-sharing. In a world with so many fast-paced changes to audiences, regulation, technology and sustainability, the provision of proactive and timely information is highly valued. Not only do we provide this through the work that we’re doing with clients, but also through our added-value activities such as thought leadership and shared or bespoke trends sessions.


It will be interesting to see what clients have to say this summer as we [hopefully] continue to move out of the pandemic and working practices continue to evolve. So, to everyone who receives our emails asking for five minutes of your time, thank you in advance. It’s much appreciated.


And of course, if there’s anything that any client wants to chat through in-person (now we’re able to), my door is always open.


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