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Reporting Matters 2023

Delivering impact in a time of complexity

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2023 has seen great strides made by companies to enhance the quality, quantity, and accessibility of their sustainability reports. However, amidst this progress, critical questions persist: Does the proliferation of information truly translate into positive impact? Are more accessible reports driving meaningful actions? Or are companies primarily preoccupied with navigating the ever-changing landscape of reporting regulations?


While overall sustainability reports are becoming more comprehensive, user-friendly and data-driven, the pressure of exponential reporting regulations and increased stakeholder expectations can stymie readability and, therefore, transparency. 


In partnership with WBCSD, this year’s Reporting matters publication, "Delivering Impact in a Time of Complexity", not only reviews member companies’ sustainability and integrated reports, but also includes an evolved evaluation framework designed to guide companies in an era of rapidly evolving reporting regulations.


If you would like further information on Reporting matters, or to discuss your sustainability reporting and communications, please get in touch, we’d love to chat.

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Reporting Matters 2023

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