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Driving D&I: Diversity reporting with impact

15 January 2022

Diversity Reporting With Impact

While UK businesses increasingly acknowledge the importance of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), our new research reveals that time, budget and organisational constraints are holding back the kind of transparent, ambitious D&I reporting that will power decisive progress. 


The report reveals that while organisations are taking action to improve diversity and inclusion – there is lack of clarity on how to talk about what they’re doing. This is a missed opportunity for companies to tell a cohesive story and ultimately drive progress towards a better workplace. 


Download the report now to discover:


- The extent of the challenge that companies face in reporting D&I progress, and the risks of getting it wrong 
- Surprising data and research insights that illustrate the current state of D&I reporting 
- Examples of organisations that are getting it right
- Six guiding principles and practical tips for better D&I reporting 


We can help you engage employees and stakeholders, deliver corporate communications and annual reporting, maximise your websites and develop content including film and animations ...and of course, we're here to help you communicate around diversity and inclusion. Just drop us a line. 

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Driving D&I - Diversity Reporting with Impact

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