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Demystifying Agile

Everything you need to know

24 June 2020

Is constant change making it difficult to deliver complex projects? Does process ever get in the way of achieving the right outcomes? Are you looking for ways to make projects more efficient? Agile can help. But what is it, exactly? Can any team use it? Where should they start? 


We recently hosted a webinar to demystify Agile, watch it below and check out our other resources.

Demystifying Agile
Demystifying Agile

The presentation deck from our webinar.


Download the presentation here

Embedding Agile working

What is Agile? How can we embed it into our organisations?


Read the blog here

What tools do we use? 


JIRA & Confluence


Allows us to document and store project requirements and share information.


Stories on Board


Gives us a real-time program level view the progress the team is making against the backlog.




Video conferencing technology, for daily stand-ups and sprint showcases.


Microsoft Teams


A video conferencing technology, for collaborative working and file sharing.




A team-messenger tool that allows the creation of channels to get the whole team involved.




A collaboration tool, built for UI designers and front-end developers.




Another collaboration tool, built for UI designers and front-end developers.




Our digital design tool of choice, it’s primary usage is for UI and UX design of websites and mobile apps.




A collaborative whiteboard platform to bring teams together for brainstorms and ideation.