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Confronting the Culture Crisis

A guide on how to express your culture in a new world of work

16 March 2021

Confronting The Culture Crisis (1)

For many of us, our working lives have changed to become almost unrecognisable from the 9-5 commuting routine that grounded us before. This has led to a ‘Culture Crisis’ – shaking up everything from how we communicate to how we maintain a sense of social connection.


Much has been written about this being a once in a generation opportunity for a cultural ‘reset’. But culture is an ethereal and ever-present factor in our workplaces, not just an extra layer of HR strategy. Quite simply – it has no reset button.


So where can leaders start when they’re looking to understand their culture and find ways of expressing it in the new world of work?


Read this bitesize guide for:


  • Insight into how the ‘Culture Crisis’ is affecting workplaces
  • Guidance on finding the right ‘levers’ to pull
  • A roadmap towards cultural maturity – rather than reset


Download it here