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Inspiring the Next Gen at Birmingham City University

Junior Designer Annie Counsell recently shared her tips and tricks for getting into the industry with BCU's Visual Communication students at ‘8Track’. Annie tells us how it went and what she learnt from the experience. 

Annie Counsell holding a microphone, presenting information about RY's Next Gen internship

Seven months after graduating from Birmingham City University, I was invited back to deliver a talk for Visual Communication students at ‘8Track’. This event is designed to aid students with tips and tricks for getting into industry, gives students a chance to speak with alumni and discuss how we have found our feet as creative graduates.


During my talk, I outlined Radley Yeldar as a design agency, promoted our internship and presented the work I completed in my last year of university. I nosed into the work we do, the team, my role as a junior and my responsibilities. The event closed with a Q&A, where students asked questions around agency life and any advice we may have.


This opportunity to return to BCU for the afternoon was an honour. I am over the moon that this talk provided students with an insight into agency life within the city but also that the talk integrated Radley Yeldar to local education in Birmingham. On a more personal level, I am so pleased that I was asked to speak and that I had the chance to head back to the old stomping ground for a little update of where university got me. A full circle, you could say.


This opportunity has taught me to say ‘yes’ and face the nervousness. Professionally, I feel I have gained valuable experience in a skill that applies to my role and my development. Only a few months ago, I would have struggled with speaking confidently to a full room, but I feel far more capable and enthusiastic to do something similar again soon.




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