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Innovative and interactive content: evidence x inspiration

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09 May 2019

Computer hardware

Technology is evolving. Fast. And with it, so are the possibilities of digital content. 


Are you responsible for creating exciting, new content on behalf of your company but finding it difficult to keep up with the latest tech, AI tools and digital content formats out there? Or perhaps you don’t know where to start or just don’t have all the information you need to convince other key internal stakeholders why you need it.


If any of that sounds familiar, then this event is for you! Join us for breakfast in our Shoreditch office on Wednesday June 5th to learn how you can harness the latest innovative and interactive tools to create engaging digital content.


Attend this event and you will:


  • Learn about the current interactive content landscape and the technology impacting it.

  • Walk away with a basic understanding of various formats, their requirements and pros/cons.

  • See some of the tools and digital content in action.

  • Realise how easy it is to incorporate and produce interactive content into your marketing strategy.

  • Gain the knowledge and confidence to sell it in to key internal stakeholders, and secure the budget for your project.


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