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Four things I wish I'd known before becoming a Copywriter

Meg Jordan 09 May 2022

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Prior to starting out as a fresh-faced intern at RY, I’d never even heard of a Copywriter before. What exactly was copy? Could it be something to do with copyright law? Did they just copy other writers? The actual job turned out to be more interesting, challenging and varied than I’d ever expected.


This article is an inside scoop on some questions I wish I had answered before starting out in the industry. It’ll give you a heads up on what to expect as you consider dipping your toes into the weird and wonderful world of Copy.


What do Copywriters *actually* do?


We’re basically creative writers who write for brands and their audiences – rather than for ourselves. We write about a whole host of different things in different forms and tones every day. It’s fun, varied and demanding. It keeps you on your toes. Another big part of our role besides writing is coming up with ideas. Day-to-day at RY, Copywriters work closely with Designers and Consultants to generate creative responses to the varied briefs we get from our broad range of clients.


What do you get to write about?


As I mentioned before, we write and come up with ideas for a wide range of different things - from longer articles to witty headlines for billboards, magazine adverts, radio scripts, film ideas and more. You could be naming a new bank one day to writing a TV advert script about food waste the next…no two days, or two clients, are the same. And that’s the joy of it. As a full-service agency, RY offers a rare opportunity to hone your writing skills across a broad spectrum of topics, clients, and briefs.


Do Copywriters work in teams or alone?


If you’ve already been searching for internships or jobs elsewhere, you’ve probably seen some agencies on the hunt for ‘Creative Pairs’. At RY, we’re after individuals who are up for collaborating with a variety of different creatives across the whole agency – not just one other person. We’ve many a Designer here, as well as Filmmakers, Animators, Researchers, Project Managers, Sustainability Specialists and Consultants. Our interns will have the joy of working alongside many differently talented folks. Whilst also solving some challenges and writing pieces of content solo. So, the short answer is, a bit of both.


What kind of experience do I need to become one?


I can’t speak for other agencies, but at RY we’re not looking for reams of experience. If you’re a creative person, bursting with ideas and have a real love of words – you could be just what we’re looking for. I joined RY as an intern five years ago having just finished an English and Drama degree, knowing next to nothing about the agency world. The creative sphere is in desperate need of more disparate voices and ideas. Don’t give in to fears that you may not be skilled enough, internships should be about gaining a tonne of experience not bringing it with you. So, why not have a peek at our creative challenge and apply for RY Next Gen.?


By Meg Jordan, Senior Copywriter