The scale of the UK’s food waste problem is astounding. Around a third of all food is wasted, and the average family with children throws away seven meals a week, or £70 worth of edible food per month. WRAP came to us wanting to change the attitudes of the British public with a campaign to change behaviours and help tackle the UK’s food waste problem.


We developed a compelling creative approach around the key behaviours that are most responsible for the level of food waste we see in the UK - buy what you need, eat what you buy and store food properly.

By targeting these behaviours through an emotionally driven campaign, various digital executions and engaging animations, we could jolt citizens into the harsh reality of their food wasting. After successful concept testing, we developed comprehensive assets and an engaging hub which pulled all of the content together.

We worked with a media partner to create a digital media plan focused around each of the key behaviours. Putting emphasis on social/digital and enlisted influencers and clear targeting to ensure we were reaching our key audiences.


Overall, the campaign was a huge success, reaching over 19 million people in total – far out-stripping our initial target by 120%. On Instagram alone, and with the help of major influencers such as Ollie Eats and Jack Monroe, our engagement rate was 1.5x higher than that of the average Instagram campaign.

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