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in Weir by reinforcing their competitive advantages

An evolving, progressive story

Weir Group is a mining and engineering company with over 150 years of history and innovation under its belt that was undergoing a transformation to become more efficient and sustainable. In the context of an increasingly competitive marketplace under increasing scrutiny over its impacts, Weir needed reporting that would reflect its competitive advantages while also positioning its long-term strengths and social purpose.

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Carving a different path

An entirely fresh approach demonstrated how Weir is taking an alternative path to its peers. By posing – and answering – a series of ‘big questions’ throughout the report, we were able to illustrate the unique attributes of the company’s strategy, culture and social purpose in a compelling, accessible way. Bold, graphic visuals brought clarity and impact, helping the new messaging and structure shine a light on Weir’s business model, key resources and competitive advantages.

A page in Weir's annual report that demonstrates their business model
People, communities, planet

The report brought structure, messaging and design that reflected Weir’s ‘passionate people who see things differently’ and a its distinct, evolving and future-focused approach. At a time when the public was calling for the private sector to fulfil its purpose and embrace wider responsibilities, the report painted a picture of Weir’s role in society and how it is delivers for its people, communities and the planet.