Weir Group is a mining and engineering company with over 150 years of history and innovation. Against the backdrop of growing climate-consciousness, Weir was undergoing a transformation to become a safer, smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable company. Weir needed to develop a report that reflected its long-term strengths and competitive advantages while also integrating its new social purpose. 


We needed to bring a fresh approach to the messaging, reinforce the importance of its ‘We are Weir’ framework and communicate how it is carving a different path in the mining industry. We did this by illustrating the unique attributes of their culture, operating context, social purpose and delivery of strategy by posing ‘big questions’ that were woven throughout the report, presented through bold, graphic visuals. We were able to explain key differentiating elements of the company, and a refreshed business model was also created to give a clearer sense of Weir’s key resources, operations and competitive advantages. 


The result was a report that celebrated the achievements of a 150-year-old company through a more cohesive structure and modern graphic style that better reflects the company’s messaging of ‘passionate people who see things differently’. The ‘big questions’ showcased that theme in a bold way and provided consistent ‘red threads’ which tied the narrative together. At a time when the public is calling for the private sector to fulfil its purpose and responsibilities to stakeholders, we worked closely with Weir to communicate its role in society and how it is delivering to its people, communities and the world. 

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