WBCSD is a global, CEO-led organisation of 200+ businesses. Its vision is to build a world where nine billion people live well within the boundaries of the planet. Its purpose is to make more sustainable businesses more successful which, in turn, helps in its mission to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world.

In 2018, RY was asked to help tackle a challenge felt by many members: how to communicate sustainability in a compelling and impactful way.



As part of the WBCSD Leadership Program, 50 global business leaders were invited to RY offices in London where our team of communicators – spanning various expertise areas – took teams through exercises and interactive tasks, all designed to help develop targeted, high-impact communications.

Topics covered on the day included: a new visual language for sustainability; a new era for goal setting; building trust through purpose; how to engage your employees; reporting for the long-term; and many more.



The event was a resounding success. 98% of delegates rated the event as good or above, with over half stating that is was “great” or “fantastic”. Sustainability strategy and purpose were the most engaging topics, closely followed by communicating creatively and building employee advocacy. 

Testimonials showed that attendees valued the insight shared, the hands-on experience and the practical tools and techniques they could take away and apply in their organisations – tools they’ve already put into action.

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