ViiV Healthcare is the only pharmaceutical company 100% focused on HIV and AIDS. This unique position needed to be elevated and visually expressed through a standout identity in order to differentiate it from its competitors. ViiV tasked RY with creating a new brand identity which tells its story with clarity and impact whilst maintaining a strong connection to all of its audiences.


For over 30 years HIV Pharma products and treatments have focused on helping patients live with, and survive, HIV. But with the end in sight, it’s time to be more driven than ever. Time to be absolutely focused and determined to eradicate HIV. We landed on the core idea of  ‘For the extraordinary’ which captures and reinforces the important moments and breakthroughs of the HIV/AIDS journey. Whether these are epic moments or everyday achievements. This led us to the core creative concept of ‘breakthrough’. Since then, we have executed the new brand across ViiV's environment, created several campaigns for global conferences, refreshed the global .com site and continued to ensure standardised brand use at a local level as well as global. We have also recently begun translating the corporate brand at a community level for its community programme ‘Positive Action’.


The ViiV brand has been globally recognised having received positive acclaim from the HIV community for its vibrant and collaborative tone, and has helped drive positive engagement with colleagues across the organisation.

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