Travelers wanted to enter the competitive, increasingly commoditised UK small business direct market - a new approach for an insurer that had previously only sold cover through brokers. It turned to RY to help create content that would drive engagement rates, online leads (or ‘quote starts’) and generate profitable growth.



Our strategy was to break new ground for Travelers in the UK with an ambitious digital content marketing campaign. Tailored content would tap into specific needs of defined audiences at precise moments in their journey.

Our content distributed a fresh, positive message: ‘we insure your optimism’ through advice, inspiration and bespoke product information delivered through a wide range of assets and channels. Ongoing testing, optimisation and deployment helped us to continually improve campaign performance.



In just six months the campaign reduced Travelers’ cost per quote scores, improved the quote start rate by 10 percent and drove more than 17,000 new leads. Our test, refine, deploy approach led to better and better results.

The project became a learning opportunity as Travelers experimented with selling direct to customers for the first time.

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